"Pilgrims" cycling tours 2003

The "Kola Road" cycling tour, 14.06-26.06.03

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The ceremonial start of the "Kola Road" cycling tour on the 14th of June, 2003
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Parents, relatives, friends and the representatives of the town administration wish the cyclists the pleasant and safe journey.
200 km to Lovozero are ahead.
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During the 18th traditional Sami Games all those who so desire took part in arbalest shooting, lasso throwing, cross country running, jumping over sledges, rowing and Sami football.
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After rest day in Lovozero we cycled to Monchegorsk.

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Renovated exhibition of the Monchegorsk museum of local lore, history and economy gave the children the opportunity to learn about the history of "the town in beautiful tundra". "Monche" means "beautiful" in Sami language.
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The traditional photo from the view point.
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Cyclists are riding from Monchegorsk to Kirovsk in compact column by pairs.

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Climbing up to the Rasvumchorr plateau
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It is not an easy task. Everybody wants to overcome it.
Photos S. Hitrov
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In the Polar alpine botanical garden in Kirovsk.

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The participants of the "Kola Road-2003" cycling tour on the top of the Elnune mountain in the Lapland nature preserve.
We met Gregory Yeoman from London in the middle of the wilderness. Greg has decided to change his route in order to visit Varzuga and Polyarnye Zory. We traveled together for five days.
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We overnight at the gym in Kandalaksha. It is hard to deny pleasure of hanging head first to yourself.
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Lesson on English, geography and mathematics at once.
How Greg can visit as many interesting places as possible in one week?

Umba met the cyclists with fragrance of blossoming bird cherry trees.
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On the start of the Pomor rowing regatta.
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In the end of the year 2002 in the "Pilgrims" cycling club the collapsible horizontal bar were designed. Its weight is 60 kg. It can be packed into three sacks. It can be mounted indoor, on a glade or on the central square of the town during the youth festival. This horizontal bar allows to held accessible competitions on body lifting.
It became a bright addition to the programme of the Pomor Games.
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Kite on sea and sky ground will stay in Roma Gusev's memory.

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The excursion to Kola nuclear power station was saturated and fascinating.
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We visited the Kovdor Mining and Ore-Separating Industrial Complex as well.
132-tonns dump truck "Caterpillar" was difficult to see on the bottom of the open-cast mine. But in the repair department it was hardly fit to the shot.
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Traffic police officers show the way, protect on the pedestrians and wish safe journey.

The text & photos: A. & O. Lipins

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